clio diesel

energy saving with a twist
Project 03


The brief was to create a press ad that showcased the "energy saving" fuel efficient, diesel Clio. I wanted to do it in a manner in keeping with the fun va va voom image the car already possessed.

  • Client: Renault Clio Diesel
  • Completed by: Conor Kenny
  • Role: Art Direction, Copywriting
  • Completed: February 2013


Project 02


The brief here was to create a purely typographical campaign. This threw up difficulty as we immediately had to figure out how this could be used effectively and relevantly for the campaign. What we came up with was a series based on the word games that children play in school. These word games would allow people to fill in the blanks and join the dots to help them understand the issue as it currently exists.

  • Client: Aviva | Street to School
  • Completed by: Conor Kenny & Kevin Dolan
  • Role: Art Direction
  • Completed: January 2013


hashtags don't last, the feelings do.
Project 03


The brief was to come up with a full page press advert for BMW. We used the insight that deep down BMW drivers know it is the real deal. We had to try convey this in an advert that only utilized typography. The ad utilized hashtags that appeared beside #BMW on twitter. This let us convey how actual BMW enthusiasts felt about the brand.

  • Client: BMW 5-series
  • Completed by: Conor Kenny
  • Role: Copywriting, Art Direction
  • Completed: May 2013

the heineken cup

part of who we are
Project 04


This was an ad which I did in my spare time. The idea for it arrived to me when in 2010 both the Heineken Cup Final & UEFA Champions League Final were both played on the same day. Both events were sponsored by Heineken and I felt it really displayed Heinekens strong affiliation with European sports.

  • Client: Heineken Cup | Champions League
  • Completed by: Conor Kenny
  • Role: Art Direction
  • Completed: March 2013

peugeot 208 diesel

the longer the journey, the more interesting it becomes
Project 05


In this ad I wanted to use the idea that because diesel cars allow you to go farther, they also allow you to have more fun. I really liked the idea of having everything layed out as if you could read it like a story.

  • Client: Peugeot 208 Diesel
  • Completed by: Conor Kenny
  • Role: Art Direction, Copywriting
  • Completed: February 2013

cadbury dairy milk

more than a glass and a half of milk
Project 02


The brief for Cadbury was simple; advertise in an interesting way the Dairy Milk brand. I decided to focus on the fact that Dairy Milk are made in Ireland, and have been for over 80 years. To highlight this I decided to create the ad in Irish. It shows what more than just 'a glass and a half' goes into each bar of Dairy Milk, namely "áthas" (joy) and gean (affection).

  • Client: Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Completed by: Conor Kenny
  • Role: Illustration, Art Direction
  • Year: May 2013


student loans
Project 01


I came up with this ad while working on an AIB brief. Although in the end the advert did not work alongside the other components of the campaign I really liked the idea and developed it further.

  • Client: AIB Youth
  • Completed by: Conor Kenny
  • Role: Art Direction, Copywriting
  • Completed: May 2014


fortune cookie
Project 06


This project was one of the first briefs I was given during my internship. It was a proactive brief for Ladbrokes celebrating the Chinese New Year; which in 2014 was the Year of the Horse.

  • Client: Proactive Ladbrokes
  • Completed by: Conor Kenny
  • Role: Art Direction
  • Completed: January 2014


My name is Conor and I am an aspiring art director from Ireland. Currently I am interning at the RothcoSocial+ in Dublin. I love all things design, no matter what they are and hopfully this comes across in my work.


When I first finished school I began studying Industrial Design in I.T. Carlow. This led onto an course in Product Design Innovation in the same college. When that was finshed I moved to Galway for 2 years and dabbled in web design. I then decided to go back to college and in September 2013 completed my MSc in Creative Advertising at Dublin Institute of Technology.


In my free time I am an avid Arsenal and Ireland supporter. Alongside that I love anything made by MUJI and Nokia. If you would like to contact me please feel free to send me an email. If you would like to learn more about me and my interests you can also find me on Twitter, Pintrest,and Google+.